For making wider cuts anywhere on the job site, the highly portable SKATEGUIDE–ZILLA® extended cutting guide allows for cuts up to 27” wide, and accurately cuts 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood in half. SKATEGUIDE–ZILLA® is equipped with a wide 10-roller head for greater stability with rollers that glide across cutting surfaces. The convenient handle can be attached on the top or on the end of the durable steel ruler bar to accommodate an extensive range of cuts. You won’t find any comparable rip fence on the market that can match the benefits of the SKATEGUIDE–ZILLA®.

PLEASE NOTE: SKATEGUIDE–ZILLA® was specifically designed to fit the guide slots on the SKATEPLATE® Sidewinder and Wormdrive products, and may not directly fit the factory-sized guide slots of all models of circular saws available on the market without using the SKATEPLATE®.

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