SKATEGUIDE® - SkatePlate




SKATEGUIDE® is a companion product that is included with the SKATEPLATE® Combo Pack. It is a precision cutting guide or “rip fence” that allows for cuts up to 13” wide. SKATEGUIDE® is equipped with a wide 10-roller head for greater stability with 10 precision rollers that glide across cutting surfaces and reduce friction and binding during a cut. SKATEGUIDE® transforms your circular saw into a portable table saw and eliminates the need for chalk lines. SKATEGUIDE® saves time and reduces waste by measuring only once for multiple accurate and identical cuts. The durable handle on the SKATEGUIDE® allows for two-handed saw operation, which improves stability, control, and safety. You won’t find any comparable rip fence on the market that can match the benefits of the SKATEGUIDE®.

PLEASE NOTE: The SKATEGUIDE® was specifically designed to fit the guide slots on the SKATEPLATE® Sidewinder and Wormdrive products, and may not directly fit the factory-sized guide slots of all models of circular saws available on the market without using the SKATEPLATE®.

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